OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset – The Rise and Fall of ‘New Liberalism’ 1890–1922 F981: Boer War

An Overview of the impact on the 1906 general Election on the Boer War

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The 1906 General Election ­ Boer War 18991902

New Imperialism: the idea that the British empire should be seen as an economic asset that
needs to be properly managed and developed both politically and economically
Constly inconvenienceneeded for prestiege and image as Great power
Outlet for surplus population and investment…

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bringing thousand of deaths ­ many Boers believed the biriths had embarked
deliberately on genocide
British press ran campaigns exposing the camps and the fate of Boer civilians within
them ­ 28,000 Boers died in the camp
War ended 1902 Had been costly, embarrassing and divisive
Had taken 450,000 British…


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