OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset – The Rise and Fall of ‘New Liberalism’ 1890–1922 F981: Overview of Why The liberals won/Conservatives lost the 1906 general election

And overview of why the Liberals won/Conservatives lost the 1906 general election

All factors that could be included in an Essay

See my other Resources for 1906 general election notes on

  • Key Individuals
  • Boer War
  • & Tariff Reform
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Overview Why the liberals won/ The conservatives
lost the 1906 General Election

Conservative Weaknesses
Balfour a weak leader
o Uncle retired a strong leader
o Lack of w/c sympathy
o Prone to hesitating and compromising no clear opinion
o Sat on fence lacked control and didn't make good decisionsUnable to…

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United over Free Trade
Social reform
1903 LibLab pact ­ antiunionist vote split as little as possible
Support of Trade unions
Wider class appeal Support of middle class, working class and non conformists
Better Campaign
Franchise reform decrease in voters in conservative areas & increase in w/c voters
Ability to…


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