OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset – The Rise and Fall of ‘New Liberalism’ 1890–1922 F981: Tariff Reform

Reision notes on the impact of Tariff reform on the 1906 general election

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The 1906 General Election ­ Tariff Reform
Tariff Reform/Protection: Some tariffs of customs duties were deliberately used to make
imports from foreign companies more expensive than the equivalent home produced goods.
This was designed to protect ho9me producers against foreign competition.
Imperial Preference: Goods imported from countries within the empire were imported
without taxes or at a lower rate of tax than other foreign goods
Free Trade: A system, where goods are allowed in and out of a country without any taxes,
except for a very few which the government needs to raise money
Why Introduced?
To pay for Boer was ­ 25% increase in national Debt
Fund Old age pensions (Previous funds used up in the Boer war)
Idea from Corn laws, a small tariff on imported Corn brough about as a direct result
to the Boer War
Caused the conservatives Problems
Unpopular ­ loss of votes and some unionists deflected back to the Liberals
(Churchiill 1904)
Split the party ­ divided pver free trade vs. tariff reform
Balfour unable to keep the party united or control Chamberlin ­ sat on the fence
Raised pood prices poor couldn't afford it caused a shift towards Liberal/Labour
If the Boer war hadn't occurred there may not have been a needfurther
conservatives problems
Led to Balfour resignation
Joseph Chamberlin
Declared faith in imperial preference
Hoped it would tie the empire, creating a patriotic feeling, raise revenue for social
reform and protect industry and stop Britain's decline as an economic power
Believed it would help restore his career as a highly rated MP ­ already unpopular
thans to Boer War
Made situation worse with resignation of Duke of Devonshire
Resigned 1903 to campaign for tariff reform full time
Liberal Positives
Reunited them
Gave them many campaign opportunities ­ `Liberal Big loaf, Conservative small


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