OCR GCSE RE B602- Good and Evil, Religion, Reason and Revelation

A concise summary of all aspects of B602 plus a brief structure for the 6 and 12 mark questions.

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Good and Evil
Religion, Reason and Revelation
6 mark question!
Some Christians think
Other Christians think
Individual Christians think
Other Christians think
12 mark question!
Intro significance
Some Christians agree
Other Christians disagree
People agree
Other People disagree
I agree/disagree
Concepts of Good and Evil
God is the beginning of everything, everything he creates is good
Evil may exist because of an evil power (Devil)
May just be people who choose to be evil
Satan only in the Bible occasionally e.g. tempting of Jesus
The Fall, original sin and redemption
The fall was when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit (fell away from God)
Original sin was introduced this is washed away by the sacrament of baptism as it's a lack of holiness
Some Christians think we'd have been immortal if Eve hadn't eaten the fruit
Jesus' death on the cross atoned for human sins and redeemed us humanity saved from the consequences of sin (reopened door to God)
Problem of Evil
Moral evil= caused by humans
Natural evil= caused by nature (some say humans through climate change/environmental destruction)
Natural evil caused by devil
God doesn't exist
God isn't omnipotent
God is responsible for evil too (part of his incomprehensible plan)
Adam and Eve disobeyed him

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Iraneus= we'd be like robots if we didn't have to choose between good and evil
Augustine said evil is a lack of good, happens when people don't choose good
Job's faith was tested suffering brings you closer to God and you're rewarded for staying faithful
Coping with Suffering
New testament thought suffering was punishment for (original) sin
God shared in human suffering
People pray alone or communally
God answers prayers in a way that's best for people
Faith took away suffering of sin with the…read more

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Believed by some (RCs) that the Holy Spirit inspired writers
Liberalists believe the Bible is symbolic way of showing God's truth records experiences of those seeking God
Significance of the Bible
Bible contains teachings they need to follow Jesus and understand God
Vital for everyone to be able to read it in their language
Passages read in every church service sermon explores and explains teachings
Some Christians read the Bible every day/use it to pray
Some are in Bible study groups…read more


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