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May 2011

4- `Napoleon's military successes were the main reason for his rapid rise to power by 1799.'
How far do you agree?

3- `Napoleon was nothing more than a dictator in his rule of France between 1799 and 1815.'
How far do you…

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January 2009 (new specification)

1­ Assess the reasons for Napoleon's rise to power in France up to 1799

2­ To what extent were Napoleon's domestic reforms during Consulate ( 1799-1804) shaped
by Revolutionary principles?

6 ­ To what extent did Napoleon's treatment of conquered territories and satellite states bring

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June 2005 (old specification)

- To what extent was the strength of the French army the main reason for Napoleon's successes
in Europe in the period to 1807?

- "Despite constitutions and plebiscites, Napoleon ruled France as a dictator." How far do you
agree with this verdict?

January 2005 (old…

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