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Some common questions that come up on the
OCR paper…read more

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Contents page
Slide 3- function of lignin
Slide 4- function of the pits
Slide 5 ­ importance of mitosis
Slide 6- explain why staining is necessary
Slide 7 ­ budding in yeast
Slide 8- precautions when using a potometer
Slide 9 ­ precautions when using a spirometer
Slide 10 ­ examples active transport in cells
Slide 11- why something looks a different size to
something in a diagram
Slide 12- transpiration rate using a potometer
Slide 13- functions of glycoproteins…read more

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Function of lignin ­ a common
Function ( strengthens xylem wall)
Explanation ( prevents collapse of the xylem)
Function ( waterproofs the cells)
explanation ( water is under tension- negative
Function ( allows flexibility)
Explanation ( prevents stem from breaking)
3 marks ( 1 mark = function +relevant explanation)…read more

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Explain the function of the pits (2)
Allows water to move sideways from one vessel
to another
AND to supply water to other tissues…read more

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Importance of mitosis
Growth of organism
Replace damaged cells
Repair damaged tissues
Maintain chromosome number in cells…read more

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Explain why a "something" has
been stained
1 mark is for "general seeing explanation"
2nd mark is for " recognising what can now be
Ex : state and explain why a blood smear has
been stained
So that the contents inside are now visible /
increases the contrast (1)
Now its possible to see the red blood cells or
white blood cells(1)…read more

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