Carbohydrate- UNIT 2 OCR BIOLOGY

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Alpha Glucose Beta Glucose Joining Monosaccharide's
Main Energy Storage Polysaccharide in plants
Insoluble in water
Consists of a mixture of long straight ­ chain Amylose and branched Amylopectin
Amylose Long unbranched chain of Alpha Glucose, compact for good storage
Amylopectin Long branched chain of Alpha Glucose, Side branches allow enzymes to break down
the molecule to get at Glycosidic bonds easily = Glucose not released quickly
Similar to Amylopectin( Starch) ­ But Glycogen has loads more side branches coming off it ­
important for energy release in animals
14 glucose chains in Glycogen tend to be shorter
It is more compact than starch and forms glycogen granules
Long, unbranched chains of Beta Glucose, the bonds between the sugars are straight = cellulose
chains are straight
Cellulose chains are linked together by hydrogen bonds to form strong Micro fibrils
Cell walls around each plant give great strength to each cells supports the whole plant
Arrangement of macro fibrils allows water to move through the cell walls without bursting cells
Arrangement of macro fibrils determine shape, and how cells grow
Questions according to Specification
Compare and contrast the structure and functions of Amylose(starch) and Cellulose

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Amylose(starch) consists of Alpha Glucose which has an OH below the plane of the ring in Carbon
1 while Cellulose consists of Beta Glucose which has an OH above the plane of the ring in Carbon 1
Both Long straight chains and found in plants
Explain how the structure of cellulose relates to its function in living Organisms?
Hydrogen bonds form between monomers creating, Microfibrils that provide structural support for
the cell wall
Explain how the structure of starch and glycogen relate to their functions…read more


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