OCR history- paper 1 exam tips and information


questions on paper 1 usually follow this format:

section A- medicine through time (1hr)

  • Question 1 is compulsory and usually on sources (30 minutes)

             - question 1 is split into 3 parts a,b and c

             - each part can range from 4 to 7 marks, part a usually has the lowest anount of marks and part c the highest amount.

  • choice of 3 sets of questions each with 3 parts (a,b and c) (30 minutes)

            -part a usually asks you to describe- 1 mark for each valid point ans 2/3 marks for a point described in detail- 5 minutes, 5 marks, 1 paragraph

           - part b usually asks you to explain- 2 pee points = 2 paragraphs. use connectives that show you're explaining (because, this shows)- 10 minutes, 7 marks

           - part c usually asks you to make a judgement- answer question in first sentence, balenced answer (show…




helps alot, thanks