Newcastle - Health vs. Income

A quick comparison of income, long-term illness and good health.

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Newcastle ­ Health vs. Income
Variation across the health authority of good health:
Ranges from 55.71% in Byker to 78.51% in Jesmond, which is nearest the city centrewith Castle in
the far outreaches with 70.18% and Longhorsley yet another 30km North with 74.72%
Variations across the health authority of long term illness:
Ranges from 11.95% in Jesmond to 29.33% in Byker.
Income group:
Byker is one of the top fifth income deprived areas in Newcastle. Castle and Wingrove are in the
three middle fifths of income deprivation and Jesmond is in the top fifth least income deprived areas
of Newcastle.
There is a high correlation between income group and good health. The most deprived area is Byker
and has the least good health, of 55.71%.
There is also a high correlation between income group and long-term illness, again Byker, one of the
most deprived areas, has some of the highest incidences of long-term illness, 29.55%.
If a person has a long-term illness, they are unlikely to be able to work and would therefore result in
a low-income. Those who are least deprived can often afford to live a healthier lifestyle i.e. join a
gym or buy organic food products.


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