AS Geography case studies

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  • Case Studies
    • Physical Geography
      • Rivers
        • Flooding Causes/ Impacts in an LEDC: Bangladesh
        • Flooding Causes/Impacts in an MEDC: Mississippi
        • Hard Engineering: Three Gorges Dam, China
        • Soft Engineering: River Quaggy Restoration Scheme, London
      • Coasts
        • Coastal Erosion: either the Jurassic Coast or the Holderness Coast
        • Landforms of Erosion: Old Harry Rock
        • Coastal Management - Hard Engineering: West Bay
        • Coastal Management - Soft Engineering Chesil Beach
        • Landforms of Deposition: Mudeford Spit and Lagoon, Shell Bay
    • Human Geography
      • Population
        • Aging Population: France
        • Youthful Population: Gambia vs China
        • Migration (MEDC): Poland to the UK
        • Population Change (in a rural area): Isle of Purbeck
        • Settlements: Newcastle
      • Health
        • Malnutrition: UK and Niger
        • Periodic Famine: Ethiopia
        • Pharmaceutical TNC'S: PFIZER
        • Obesity: USA
        • Tobacco TNC'S: BAT
        • Non-communicable Disease: CHD in the UK
        • Access to Healthcare: Health in Epsom
        • Infectious Diseases: HIV and AIDS in Zambia


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