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Exam questions for Nazi Germany 1918-1945.

In your paper two exam there will not be a nominated topic, therefore it will be harder to
predict what questions will come up. Your revision will need to cover all topics. Remember that
this paper is a study in a depth which you…

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1c) Why do Source A and B give a different view to Source C and D?

Explain your answer using Sources A, B, C and D.

This question will always be the same. In this question you will now need to explain why the
Source are different. They will be…

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1e) Why...

This question will nearly always start with `Why..' and it will ask you about why something
happened (asking you to explain a major event), for example:

Why was Hitler able to come to power the 1933?

Why were the Nazis successful in keeping support of the German people…

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Both will be a twelve mark question and be an iceberg question. It will ask you how important
one factor was amongst others, was important in effecting an event. As well as considering the
importance of the factor mentioned in the question, you must also consider the important of


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