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Exam questions for Nazi Germany 1918-1945.
In your paper two exam there will not be a nominated topic, therefore it will be harder to
predict what questions will come up. Your revision will need to cover all topics. Remember that
this paper is a study in a depth which you will mean you will have to have a good all round
understanding of the topic.
It is really important that you remember the major events and in the order they have happened.
The Munich Putsch had to take place before the Weimar recovery in 1924, any laws that were
passed by the Nazis had to take place in after 1933 when Hitler was elected as Chancellor.
The important years to remember are 1919, 1923, 1929, 1933 and 1939 (they all end
in a 3 or 9). You do not need to know all of the other dates but to know whether or not they
came before or after a major event.
You will have 1 hour 45 minutes to complete this exam, you will be given Sources A - G to help
you with this exam. Your Section A is worth36 marks and Section B is worth 22 marks. You will
need to spend 1 hour and 5 minutes on Section A and 40 minutes on Section B. In Section A you
will have one questions to answer, with parts a, b, c, d and e. To help with this question you will
use Sources A ­ E. With Section B you will get a choice of question 2 and 3, you will answer
part a, b and c of the question you choose. You will only answer question 2 OR 3. For question 2
you will use Source F and question 3 you will use Source 3.
Section A
1a) What do Sources A and B suggest about...
The start of your 1a) question will always look like this. The part that will be different each
time is the section part which will be something like:
1a) What do Sources A and B suggest about Nazi attitudes towards Jews?
1a) What do Sources A and B suggest about German workers in the Weimar Republic?
In this question you will make two points about the source and explain what the details show
using your own knowledge.
"Source A suggests that..."
1 b) What different view of ............. is suggested by Sources C and D?
Again this question will always have the same format. The part that is missing will be taken
from question 1a). If the question in 1a) is; What do Sources A and B suggest about Nazi
attitudes towards Jews? Than question 1b) will be what different view of Nazi attitudes
towards the Jews is suggested by Sources C and D?
will be asked to do this in the next question.
In this question you will make 2/3 points about what is different about the Sources.
"Sources C and D are different to Source A and B as they show........whereas Sources A and B

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Why do Source A and B give a different view to Source C and D?
Explain your answer using Sources A, B, C and D.
This question will always be the same. In this question you will now need to explain why the
Source are different. They will be different for reasons such as;
They were written at different about periods. A Source written before the Wall Street
Crash is bound to be different to a Source written after the crash.…read more

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This question will nearly always start with `Why..…read more

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Both will be a twelve mark question and be an iceberg question. It will ask you how important
one factor was amongst others, was important in effecting an event. As well as considering the
importance of the factor mentioned in the question, you must also consider the important of
other factors.
How important was the Reichstag Fire, amongst other factors, in enabling the Nazis to create a
Step 1 ­ Explain how the Reichstag Fire enabled the Nazis to create a dictatorship.…read more


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