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These are the example answers my teacher made for Nazi Germany Exam 2012

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UNIT 2 GERMANY 1918-39

The exam paper will have 3 questions:

Question 1 will have 4 parts: (a); (b); (c) and (d)
Question 2 will have 1 part
Question 3 will have 1 part


QUESTION 1 Part (a) Source…

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Part (b) Describing or Explaining question ­ key features of an
event; problems; policies; or effects
Describe the measures Hitler took in 1933-34 to increase his power. (6)

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One measure he took was the Enabling Law. 3 things are included but none of 3
A second…

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Part (c) Explaining question ­ effects or consequences
Explain the effects of the Wall Street Crash on Germany. (8)

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One effect was lots of people lost their jobs. 2 factors are included but none of 2
A second effect was people blamed the government for the…

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A second effect was blamed the government for the problems. As
people became desperate they believed the government was to
blame for the businesses going bust and them losing their jobs so they
voted for extremist parties. The effects of this were the Communists
doubled their seats in the Reichstag…

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One reason was that Germany had to pay £6,600 million in reparations. 2 factors are included and 7
Germany had to pay this under the Treaty of Versailles and also lost valuable they are explained with
land with resources such as coal and iron ore such as the Saar which…

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QUESTION 2 Explaining how something changed or developed
Explain how the Nazi Party developed in the years 1920-28. (8)

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One way was Hitler became the leader. 2 factors are included but 2
A second way was that the Party was reorganised. not developed.

One way was…

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One way was Hitler became the leader. In 1921 he replaced Drexler as the 2 factors are included and 8
leader and became the Fuhrer. He also chose loyal people to have powerful they are explained. The
positions such as Ernst Rohm who became the SA leader and Julius Streicher…

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important in helping Hitler create a dictatorship because he was able to
brainwash many people and this was helped by censorship. Newspapers did
not print any criticism of the Nazis because of the Editor's Law which punished
any editor who allowed critical articles and so German people did not hear…


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