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Germany 1918-1919 ­ Nazi Domestic Policies 1933-1939 ­ Answers
1. Everyone in Germany had to go to school until the age of fourteen. Boys and girls went to separate schools. Nazis
controlled education through:
Teachers: They had to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler and join the Nazi Teachers'…

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The divorce law was changed so that a divorce was possible if a husband or wife could not have children. The Lebensborn
programme allowed unmarried women to donate a baby to the Fuhrer by becoming pregnant by Aryan SS men.
Jobs: Women were banned from being lawyers in 1936 and…

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The cost of living increased during the 1930s. Food items were in short supply partly because it was government policy to
reduce agricultural production so as to keep up the prices for the benefit of farmers.
Hours of work increased from 42.9 per week in 1933 to 47 in 1939…


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