Social Policy - Germany

I just found this and thought that someone may find it useful...

one of my old homework tasks about Hitlers Social Policy.

This includes information about groups he didnt like (e.g. jews), youth groups, and women at that time...

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Social Policy
The Social policy had many different policies for different groups of people. There were policies for the youth
(education/ youth movements). There were Policies for the Women, and there were policies for different
minority groups, "Social Outcasts", like the:
The Insane
Tramps and Beggars
Minority Groups
(Those who threatened the `purity' of the Aryan Race in any way.)
Jews were the main target of persecution.
There were some relatively quiet periods but some sudden upturns too.
1937 onwards there was an increased persecution rate.
Gypsies were also targets because of mixed race and travelling lifestyle.
There were two attacks on personal freedom:
o Gypsies were made to give up travelling
o And they were sterilized to prevent them having families
The majority of gypsies were exterminated with the Jews.
The Insane
Mentally ill people were also considered to be a threat to Aryan purity.
Each patient had to be sterilized.
Method of controlling the insane also included euthanasia and `mercy killings' (injection of carbon
monoxide gas).
Tramps and Beggars
Tramps and beggars had no permanent home or work.
They were called `community aliens'.
They forcibly integrated or removed from society.
There were up to 500,000 tramps and beggars who were put to forced labour.
Some of them were also sterilized.
The homosexuals were despised by the Nazis .
There were many homosexuals in the SA (including Rohm), however, they were protected by being
members of huge organisations which choose to ignore their activities.
Individual homosexuals were arrested by the Gestapo and sent to concentration camps they were also
forced to wear a pink badges.
Many homosexuals were often beaten up by other prisoners.
Some were also compulsorily sterilized.
Heavy drinking was discouraged.
Suspect alcoholics were humiliated by having their heads shaved.
Persistent alcoholics were sent to concentration camps.

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The Nazis needed support in the future so they wanted to control young people. They did this by changing what
the children learnt in school and they also created youth clubs.
The Nazis changed the school curriculum. The boys had to learn military skills and domestic skill lessons
were issued to girls.…read more


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