Nazi Education

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  • Nazi Education
    • Schools
      • Children had to attend state school until they were 14
      • There were separate schools for girls and boys
      • Optional schools after the age of 14
      • All schools followed a set cirriculum - different for boys and girls
    • Teachers
      • Compulsory for teachers to be Nazi Party members
      • Those who didn't teach Nazi ideas were dismissed
      • Teachers camps taught them how to use Nazi ideas in their teaching
      • Nearly all teachers joined the Nazi Teachers'  League
      • Teachers were forced to attend courses to learn about Nazi ideas
    • Subjects
      • 15% of time was spent on PE - for healthy and strong population
      • Girls - taught domestic skills, boys taught science/military skills
      • Boys and girls taught traditional subjects - German, History, Maths and Geography
    • Propaganda
      • All lessons began and ended with the Hitler salute
      • Nazi flags/posters decked the classrooms
      • From 1935, all textbooks had to be approved by the Nazi Party
      • Traditional subjects were rewritten to glorify Germany
      • Racial ideas and anti-Semitism were embedded within subjects
    • Aim of the Nazi Education policy
      • To prepare girls to be good wives and mothers
      • To turn boys into strong soldiers who would fight for Germany
      • To teach Nazi beliefs about race
      • To put across key Nazi ideas
      • To create loyal Nazis
      • To glorify Germany and the Nazi Party


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