Youth in Nazi Germany


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win support

Boys- pimf 6-10, Deutschejungvolk ( 10-14), Hitler Jungend (14-18) focus on military training and physical fitness.

Girls- Jungmadel (-14) League of German Maidens (14-18) learnt how to stay healthy and be a good mother.

1933 onwards encouraged to join Hilter Youth,

1936 almost impossible not to

other political religious youth groups shut down.

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Nazi education policies

Bernhard Rust minister from 1934

teachers had to join Nazi teachers league and swear oath of loyalty

important history( Nazi history evils of communism and Jews), Biology (superiority of Aryans) Pe (boys army girls motherhood)

RE less important

girls taught eugenics and domestic science

new schools educated in squads like army

educated future leaders in different schools

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Reactions of Youth

Edelweiss pirates opposition, some communist, danced very few sheltered people and once gestapo officer murdered but caught and executed. In war sent to labour concentration camps and some were executed. working class.

Swing, upper/ middle class liked jazz anti politics and hitler dresses english wore makeup met in bars.

white rose group students in munich attacked slaughter of Jews, discouraged war effeort, distrubuted leaflets,

all group membership increased in war

Nazis did not have total control over Youth

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