Nazi Youth

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  • Nazi Youth
    • Education
      • information
        • children stayed in education up until the age of 14
        • Separate schools for boys and girls:
          • Military skills for boys
          • Domestic skills for girls
        • In 1933, Bernhard Rust became head of nazi education and national culture
        • The Nazi's controlledthe school curriculum and teachers
      • The ways in which hitler indoctrinated (brainwashed)youth into becoming followers and believers of nazi ideals
        • History books emphasised Germany's military success that blamed jews for the loss of WW1
        • Math's taught military tactics or how to solve the economic cost of the disabled in germany
        • Religious studies was stopped and nazi racial policies on aryans were taught about motherhood, genetics and how to be an     ideal Nazi housewife
    • Youth groups
      • The Nazis viewed the youth as the future of nazi Germany
      • Baldur Von Shirach became leader of the nazi youth organisations
        • one of the first things he did was ban other youth organisations (e.g..scouts)
      • information
        • successfulness?
          • yes- many went on to live nazi idealistic lives
          • No-secret youth groups which were anti-nazi began to start like the white rose movement.  lots people believed they were too miliitaryand did not attend despite being members.
      • Boys
        • 6-10 -pimpfe
        • 10-14 -Germanyyoung people (club)
        • 14-18-The hitler Youth
        • activities such as military training
        • AIM; brainwashing in nazi ideology and military training
      • Girls
        • 10-14-Young girls league
        • 14-18-league of  german girls
        • Activities included preparing for life as housewife ,sports to enhance beauty and physical attractiveness
        • AIM; preparing for life as mothers and wives


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