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1720 ­ Inoculation introduced by Lady Mary Wortley Montague from Turkey.

1769 ­ Smallpox vaccination made by Edward Jenner.

1799 ­ Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) discovered as an anaesthetic by Humphrey Davy.

1800 ­ Theory of spontaneous generation began.

1834 ­ Poor law amendment act set up the workhouse.


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1940's/50's ­ Blood banks introduced.

1942 ­ William Beveridge wrote the beveridge report on the state of health.

1948 ­ NHS introduced by Aneuran Bevan.

1954 ­ Vaccine used with dead polio viruses by Jonas Salk.

1960 ­ Vaccine used with live polio viruses by Albert Sabin.

1967 ­ First…


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