medicine and surgery important dates

inportant dates about the topic

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1720 ­ Inoculation introduced by Lady Mary Wortley Montague from Turkey.
1769 ­ Smallpox vaccination made by Edward Jenner.
1799 ­ Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) discovered as an anaesthetic by Humphrey Davy.
1800 ­ Theory of spontaneous generation began.
1834 ­ Poor law amendment act set up the workhouse.
1844 ­ Laughing gas used for the first time by Horace Wells.
1846 - Ether used for the first the first time in the USA.
1847 ­ James Simpson begins to use chloroform.
1850's ­ Portable chloroform inhaler discovered by John Snow.
1853 ­ Queen Victoria uses chloroform to give birth to her 8th child.
1854 ­ Crimea war began.
1861 ­ Germ theory discovered by Louis Pasteur.
1865 ­ Carbolic spray found by Joseph Lister.
1878 ­ Chicken cholera vaccine made by Louis Pasteur.
1880 ­ Robert Koch isolated the Anthrax germ.
1881 ­ Anthrax vaccine created by Louis Pasteur.
1885 ­ Rabies vaccine created by Louis Pasteur.
1890 ­ Diphtheria discovered by Emil Behring.
1895 ­ X-rays discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen.
1901 ­ For blood groups discovered by Karl Landenstenier.
1906 ­ TB vaccine created by Calmette and Guerin called the BCG.
1908/9 ­ Paul Ehrlich creates magic bullets Salvarson 606 against syphilis.
1913 ­ Emil Behring creates Diphtheria vaccine.
1922 ­ Pasteurised milk introduced.
1924 ­ Gowland- Hopkins discovers the cause of Scurvy and rickets.
1928 ­ Alexandra Fleming discovers Penicillin.
1930's ­ Sulphonamides discovered (magic bullet).

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­ Blood banks introduced.
1942 ­ William Beveridge wrote the beveridge report on the state of health.
1948 ­ NHS introduced by Aneuran Bevan.
1954 ­ Vaccine used with dead polio viruses by Jonas Salk.
1960 ­ Vaccine used with live polio viruses by Albert Sabin.
1967 ­ First heart transplant by Christian Bernard.…read more


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