Important individuals in medicine

A powerpoint with all the important individuals in medicine through time.

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Important individuals in
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Name: Asclepius
Dates: 6th century BC
Where from: He is a Greek God
Contribution: He is a Greek God. He excelled in natural
ability and sagacity of mind, he devoted himself to the
science of healing and made many discoveries which
contribute to the health of mankind. Also it is believed
that he healed many sick and for this reason it was
believed that he had brought back to life many who
had died.…read more

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Name: Hippocrates
Dates: 460 BC ­ c. 370 BC
Where from: Greece
Contribution: He believed that observation of a patient
was a vital aspect of medical care. Ancient Greek
doctors did examine their patients but Hippocrates
wanted a more systematic period of observation and
the recording of what was observed. He also believed
that a man's body has blood, phlegm, yellow bile and
black bile. These make up his body and through them
he feels illness or enjoys health. When all the humours
are properly balanced and mingled, he feels the most
perfect health. Illness occurs when one of the humours
is in excess, or is reduced in amount, or is entirely
missing from the body.…read more

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Name: Claudius Galen
Dates: 131 AD ­ 201 AD
Where from: Greece, he later moved to Rome
Contribution: He was a Greek physician who went to
Rome and revived the ideas of Hippocrates and other
Greek doctors. The Romans had shown little interest in
the work of Hippocrates and it took Galen to push it
forward in Rome. also believed in the healing power of
nature and he developed treatments to restore the
balance of the four humours. Galen believed in the use of
opposites ­ if a man appeared to have a fever, he treated
it with something cold; if a man appeared to have a cold,
he would be treated with heat.…read more

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Medieval…read more

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