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History Revision
By Bigitha
Bennychen…read more

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Infection And Disease…read more

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Pre-Historic Medicine
Keywords Key Dates
1. American Aborigines From the start of time ­ 3500BC
2. Trepanning
3. Medicine man
4. Spirits
5. Archaeology
6. Charms
Pre-historic men used to think that if you were ill then that would mean that your spirit is not in your body or an evil spirit
has possessed your body. So if this happens they do a trepanning. This is when they cut a hole carefully in the skull and lets
your spirit in or send the evil spirit out. The medicine man will come and using his magical staff, stick etc. He will say that
he has captured the evil spirit in his wand, stick etc. Some pre historic people used charms these were either a tooth, a piece of
hair etc from a dead person who they thought lead a good life. They believed that these charms will protect them from diseases
because they think that those dead people will protect them.…read more

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The Egyptians
Keywords Key Dates
1. Life after death 3500BC-1000BC
2. Mummification
3. River Nile
4. Physician(doctor)
The Egyptians believed in life after death. They believe that they will be judged according to how much their heart weigh
against a feather. If it weighs less than a feather then you will go to heaven if it doesn't them you go to hell. So when you die
you get mummified so that you can go to the afterlife. The river Nile is where the Egyptians get their water from. If there
wasn't river Nile then that would mean that there would not be any Egyptians. The Egyptians were the first to employ
physicians (doctors). They had a physician for every part of the body. Rich people and Pharaohs used to have a family
physician. Because they were not allowed to cut up the whole body they did not understand as much as the Greeks did. They
thought that the body was like the river Nile.…read more

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1. Hook
2. Natron (naturally occurring drying
agent) Key Dates
3. Stone scarab amulet 3500BC-1000BC
4. Anubis
5. Magic eye of Horus
6. Linen strips
7. Shabits
·The hook was used to pull the brain out of the nose.
·Natron was powdered on the parts of the body that was removed from the body.
·Stone scarab amulets were used to show renewed life and was replaced for the heart.
·Anubis was the god who weighed the heart to see is they were good or bad in their life.
·Magic eye of Horus was put on the parts of the body covered in linen. He is the protector of the dead.
·Linen strips are used to cover the mummy after it has been rubbed in oil and herbs to protect the body being rottened.
Shabit are`dolls' which will serve the mummy in the afterlife.…read more

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The Greeks(Natural)
1. Four humours Key Dates
2. Hippocrates 1000BC-250BC
3. Observations
4. Symptoms
The Greeks were the people who developed the idea of the four humours. It was actually a Greek doctor named Hippocrates who
found this amazing discovery. He said that the body worked like this:
So in spring if you had too much blood then you will be made to bleed. The Greeks were also the first to say that you have to
observe your patients by writing down their symptoms at each visit.…read more

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