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Media Revision
Technical terms…read more

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Camera shots
· Establishing shot - a shot that establishes
the scene, often gives the viewer information
on where the scene is set -this can be a close
up shot (of a sign ect.) but is usually a
wide/long shot.
· Arial shot - a camera shot taken from an
overhead position (often used for an
establishing shot)
· Overhead shot - a type of camera shot in
which the camera is positioned above the
character, action or object being filmed.…read more

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Camera Shots
Over the shoulder ·POV (Point of View Shot) -
shot (OSS) - looking shows a view from the
from behind a characters perspective. The
characters shoulder,
viewer is usually aware whose
at a subject.
POV it is.…read more

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Camera Shots
· Reaction shot - A shot that shows the
reaction of a character either to another
character or an event within the
· Two shot - a shot of two characters,
possibly engaging in conversation.
Usually to signify/establish some sort of
relationship…read more

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Camera Shots
· Extreme Close Up - a shot
where only part of the object,
face or body of a character
fills the whole frame.
· Close Up - Head and
shoulders shot, often used to
show the characters
expressions/emotions. Also
can be a shot of an object,
filmed from close or zoomed
in to it, to reveal detail.…read more

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Camera Shots
· Medium Close Up -
character from the chest
· Medium shot - the
framing of a character
from the waist up.
· Medium Long Shot -
character on screen in
full.…read more

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