Man Made Board

All about man made board such as plywood, and it's advantages and disadvantages.

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Manmade boards are used in construction for interior fittings and furniture. They are more stable
than natural woods as they are less likely to warp and twist out of shape. The three main types are
plywoods (laminated boards), particle boards, and fibreboards. They are all manmade in and are
usually made of natural woods and resin which holds them together.
Plywood - made from veneers of timber with each grain layer being at right angles to each other
and bonded together by resin and under pressure. Different types are used in different situations.
For example; marine plywood is moisture resistant; there is boil resistant plywood; and interior
Medium density fibreboard (MDF) ­ it is cheap and composed of fine wood dust and resin pressed
into a board. Used in the building and furniture trades.
Advantagesof man-made boards over natural woods:
Plywood is resistant to warping. This is because of how the piles are glued together at 90
degree angles to the layer above so they cannot move or bend, making it very stable.
Man-made boards can be made in different sizes and thicknesses. This is an advantage as
boards can be manufactured so that they are very wide, and is also the reason for
plywood's popularity.
They have many uses. For example, softwood ply is usually used in the construction
industry for walls and roofs, hardwood ply is used for quality laminate flooring and some
furniture, marine plywood is used in boat hull construction.
It has a lesser environmental impact than timber as it can be created with parts of timber
(and old reused timber) so it's not solid, this also makes it more recyclable.
Are weaker in the sense that most solid wood furniture last longer.
They will rot very fast if they are in a damp place.
You cannot engrave into all different types of man-made board, whereas all timber can.
Because man-made boards are mass produced, they lose the sense of individuality as they
will all look the same.


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