Finishes for woods

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  • Finishes for woods
    • Varnish
      • Polyeurethane varnish
        • Sand with the grain using fine glass paper
        • Matt, satin, gloss
        • Aesthetically pleasing
        • Protective
        • Clear
          • You can see the grain
          • The grain is more defined
        • Coloured
        • Applied using a brush or a sponge roller
        • Used on furniture and wooden window frames
        • Indoor
        • Outdoor varnish is called yacht varnish
    • Paint
      • Acrylic, matt /emulsion, gloss/ satin
      • Applied using a brush, roller or spray painted
      • Adds colour- no protection
      • Can apply varnish over matt paint
        • If chipped/ cracked, moisture has entered- need to redo
      • Used on children's toys- attracts them
    • Natural barriers
      • Teak- produces its own natural oils
        • Apply with cloth, roller or brush
    • Veneers
      • Indoors
      • Flatpack, kitchen cupboards
      • Decorative
      • Man-made boards underneath, hardwood on top
    • Preservatives
      • Creosote
        • Use to paint sheds
        • Made from oil and tar
        • Used on softwoods
        • Has been banned for 50 years
          • Dangerous
          • Now water based preservatives are used
      • Tannalising
        • Inject copper sulphate
          • Store in chamber of salts
            • Changes colour
            • Absorbed into wood
            • Dries out and removes moisture
        • Can treat uncut wood


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