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Product Design Revision:

There are 3 types of plastic:

Thermoplastics- can be reheated and reshaped as they have loose monomer chains, can be recycled
and coloured pigments can be added to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Thermosets ­ undergo a chemical change so permanently rigid, cannot be reheated or…

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Joining plastics:

Plastic weld ­ a multipurpose adhesive that joins most plastics (not foamed plastic)
Tensol 12 ­ is good for acrylic, it is quick and easy to use, if spilt marks the work, not very strong
Rivets, nuts, bolts and machine screws can be used to join plastic


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produces very complex 3D shapes

Large numbers can be produced with consistent

Metal inerts can be included


Initial set up costs are high

Moulds are expensive

Blow moulding

A tube of softened plastic called a parison is extruded into a mould.

Blow moulding

1. A tube of…

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1) Mould halves loaded with thermoplastic powder and clamped together

2) The moulds are rotated whilst heated until it melts ensuring it covers all the mould

3) The mould is then cooled

4) The mould halves are separated and the product removed

Vacuum forming

This process uses a wooden mould…

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Press or compression moulding

A mould is made in two halves. Sheet plastic is placed between the
two halves, which are then heated and pressure applied, enabling
the plastics to assume the new shape.

Press moulding is used to make electrical fittings, handles, and
many other products. It can only…

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They have equal strength in all directions unlike natural timbers.
E.g. man-made boards
material Image Common uses
Plywood Backs of furniture e.g. cabinets, bottom of drawers,
panelling ­ can be flexible for producing curved shapes.
It is very strong due to the grain of each ply is positioned
at ninety…

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Glass fibre:

This glass reinforced plastic ­ glass is spun to produce a fibre that is then coated to aid bonding to the
resin, it comes in a range of thicknesses
A mould is required, which can be made of woods, metals and polymers
"Laying up" is the process and…

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Pewter Low melting point, can be cast into detailed shapes.

Inert: does not react to liquids or oxygen so does not corrode.

Stock forms of metals are: sheet, tube, bar.

Sand Casting:

1- A pattern is made out of
wood or plastic, can be
complex shapes.
2- Each half of…

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o Non-ferrous metals ­ doesn't contain iron, wont corrode, are not magnetic
o Alloy ­ a mixture of two or more metals e.g. brass, stainless steel
o Finishes ­ paint, dip in plastic, dip in zinc

Finishes ­ a surface coat applied to a material to protect and enhance its…

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Seasoning is the controlled drying of timber to increase its strength and stability, reduce moisture content
reduces the risk of the timber causing corrosion to the surrounding metal work. And it makes the timber less
prone to rot and decay.

Veneers: is a thin layer of wood that has been…



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