Main Teachings for Matters of Life and death- Drugs and Crime and Punishment

A few topics which I am going to use in the exam, a teachings sheet detailing Jewish and Christian beliefs.

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Jesus Attended a wedding and
"No celebration without wine"
turned water into wine.
Wine goes in, sense goes out, wine goes
Wine: Paul said "no orgies" Secrets come out- Talmud
Wine: Paul said "no orgies, no drunkenness, Rabbi not to give advice, work etc, after
we live as wise people" drinking
Wine is made from God given fruit Drunkenness not approved except tipsy at Purim
Wine used at festivals like Passover & Sabbath
Paul told disciple "Take a little wine for
your stomachs sake Wine is used to loosen the spirit.
Wine is used in communion
Illegal not approved.
Salvation army are teetotal's
Life is sacred and given by God
Our bodies are the temple of God's spirit.
Every life has a purpose, ie, will be spoilt by
Life is sacred and holy drugs
They lead to poverty, crime and death Do not kill- includes harming yourself
Obey the law of the land
Obey the law of the land
Done by many still but not encouraged
Same as drugs. because `Do not Kill'
Money should be given to poor.
Preserve Life wherever possible
Love your neighbour, ie. Passive smoking
harms others

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Forgiveness and reform are most Obey the law of the land
Jesus "Forgive us our sins as we forgive the 10 Commandments- do not kill, do not steal,
sins of others do not bear false witness
Bet Din is Jewish Court which make decisions
God is love
on Jewish law
Christians try to be like Jesus who forgave Death Penalty is commanded in the Torah but
those who crucified him on the cross not practised today (rare to get 2 eyewitness'
and only…read more

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Do Not kill- 10 commandments Do not kill- 10 Commandments
"You are God's temple and God's spirit lives
within you" "I and I alone am God.…read more


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