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Jesus Attended a wedding and
"No celebration without wine"
turned water into wine.
Wine goes in, sense goes out, wine goes
Wine: Paul said "no orgies" Secrets come out- Talmud

Wine: Paul said "no orgies, no drunkenness, Rabbi not to give advice, work etc, after
we live as wise people"…

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Forgiveness and reform are most Obey the law of the land

Jesus "Forgive us our sins as we forgive the 10 Commandments- do not kill, do not steal,
sins of others do not bear false witness

Bet Din is Jewish Court which make decisions
God is love


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Do Not kill- 10 commandments Do not kill- 10 Commandments

"You are God's temple and God's spirit lives
within you" "I and I alone am God. I kill and I give life"

Jesus relieved people's suffering so drugs and "It has been told you what is good and what the…


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