RE short course unit 3 morality past questions

a set of past questions on each topic studied for the AQA RE short course on religious morality, i was given from school.

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GCSE Religious Studies AQA Syllabus B Unit 3 ­ Question Matrix
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5 Topic 6
Medical Ethics The Elderly & Death Drug Abuse Crime and Punishment The poor in Britain World Poverty
Text book page 31 Text book page 53 Text book page 75 Text book page 97 Text book page 119 Text book page 139
1. Explain briefly what is meant 6. Explain briefly the meaning of 11. Explain briefly the meaning of 16. `Explain what is meant by a 21. Give two reasons why a person 26. Describe two problems the boy in the
by IVF. [2] ageism. [2] the word `drug'. [2] religious offence'. [2] might be poor. [4] picture may face [2]
(A young black boy clearly in poverty)
2. Explain why some religious 7. Explain why some religious 12. Explain why some religious 17. Give three ways in which a young 22. Explain why some religious
people might be in favour of IVF. people might want to avoid people might be against offender may be punished by the people feel they should help 27. Explain how the concept of
[3] putting an elderly relative in a drinking alcohol. [3] law. [3] the poor. [3] stewardship encourages believers to
residential home for the help to relieve world poverty [3]
3. Religious Believers should not
elderly. [3]
13. `Religious believers should not 18. Prisoners should be given 23. `No religious person should be
use surrogacy. What do you smoke'. What do you think? religious teaching. `What do you rich'. What do you think? 28. `Religious people should do more to
think? Explain your opinion. [3] 8. `Elderly people from religious Explain your opinion. [3] think? Give reasons for your Explain your opinion. [3] help the poor.' What do you think?
families should be looked after opinion [3]
4. Give two reasons why a religious
by their families'. What do you
14. Give two reasons why religious 24. Explain briefly the meaning of 29. Explain the meaning of `Less
person might oppose artificial think? Explain your opinion. [3] people oppose illegal drugs. [4] 19. Explain two of the aims of `the poverty trap'. [2] Economically Developed Countries'.
insemination by donor (AID). [4] punishment. [4]
9. Give two reasons why a religious 15. `Taking drugs should be a 25. `The minimum wage should be 30. `Emergency aid is more important
5. `It is God, and not people, who is
person might be against matter of individual choice and 20. `Greed and selfishness are the much higher.' [6] than long-term aid'.
in charge of matters of life'. [6] euthanasia. [4] nothing to do with anybody else'. main causes of crime'. [6]
10. `Beliefs about life after death
don't matter when considering
how to look after the dying'. [6]
Specimen Paper Specimen Paper Specimen Paper Specimen Paper Specimen Paper Specimen Paper
1. Name two artificial methods of 6. Name two types of euthanasia. 11. Name two illegal drugs. [2] 16. Name two aims of punishment. 21. Name two ways that the 26. Name two religious charities that
conception. [2] [2] [2] government helps the poor. [2] help the poor in Less Economically
12. Give three reasons why some
Developed Countries (LEDCs). [2]
2. Give three reasons why some 7. Explain the attitude of religious people take illegal drugs. [3] 17. Give three reasons why some 22. Give three reasons why a
religious people believe that believers towards euthanasia.
13. `Religious believers should not
people break the law. [3] religious person might choose 27. Give three ways that show how the
embryo research is wrong. [3] [4] not to take part in lotteries. [3] poor in Less Economically Developed
use any drugs.' What do you 18. `Crime prevention is a major
Countries (LEDCs) are treated
3. Religious believers should not 8. `Religion provides comfort for think? Explain your opinion. [3] priority for religious believers.' 23. `Religious people have no
unfairly. [3]
be surrogate parents.' What do the dying.' What do you think? What do you think? Explain your responsibility to help the poor.'
you think? Explain your opinion. Explain your opinion. [3]
14. Explain the attitudes of
opinion. [3] What do you think? Explain your 28. `Religious organisations should
[3] religious believers to smoking opinion. [3] concentrate on long term aid rather
9. Give three reasons why some tobacco. [4] 19. Explain the attitudes of religious
than short term (emergency) aid.'
4. Explain the attitudes of religious people support the
15. `Anyone who uses illegal drugs
believers to the death penalty 24. Explain the attitudes of
What do you think? Explain your
religious believers to blood work of a hospice. [3] (capital punishment).[4] religious believers to those who opinion. [3]
transfusions. [4] should be punished.' [6] are homeless. [4]
10. `Senior citizens are the most 20. `All prisoners should serve their 29. Explain the attitudes of religious
5. `If a couple cannot have important members of society.' full sentence.' [6] 25. `There is nothing wrong with
believers to those who live in poverty
children naturally, they should [6] being wealthy.' [6] in Less Economically Developed
accept that they will never be Countries (LEDCs). [4]
parents.' [6]
30. `Poverty is too big a problem for
religious believers to solve.' [6]
Summer 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 2010
1. What is meant by the initials 6. What is ageism? [1] 11. Name an illegal drug.[1] 16. What is meant by the word crime? 21. Give one way a person might 26. Name a religious organisation that
AIH? [1] 7. Explain briefly two reasons why 12. Explain briefly two reasons why [1] become rich. [1] helps to reduce suffering caused by
2. Explain briefly two reasons why some religious believers think religious believers think that 17. Explain briefly two reasons why 22. Religious people should not be world poverty.
religious believers might agree that the elderly should be cared taking illegal drugs is wrong. [4] religious believers think that rich'. What to do you think? 27. Describe the work of this religious
with the use of fertility for by their families. [4] 13. `Religious believers should only crime against property is wrong. Explain your opinion. [3] organisation.
treatment. [4] 8. `Religion provides support for use medically prescribed [4] 23. Explain briefly two causes of 28. `Religious people should buy
3. `Religious believers should the elderly.' What do you think? drugs'. What do you think? 18. Religious believers should try to poverty in British society. [4] `Fair-trade' products'. What do you
support medical experiments Explain your opinion. [3] Explain your opinion. [3] improve prison life. [3] 24. Explain religious attitudes think? Explain your opinion.
on humans' ­ What do you 9. Hospices care for the dying and 14. Explain religious attitudes 19. Explain religious attitudes towards towards the poor in British 29. Explain briefly two reasons why a
think? Explain your opinion. [3] support their families. Explain towards drinking alcohol. [4] the death penalty. [4] society. [4] religious believer may care for the
4. Explain religious attitudes religious attitudes towards 15. `People should take illegal 20. `Young offenders should be 25. `Religious believers should not poor in other countries.
towards transplant surgery. [4] hospices. [4] drugs if they want to'. [6] helped, not punished.' [6] take part in lotteries.' [8]

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Religion tells us we need to 10. `People should not be kept alive 30. `The debts of all countries should be
know about matters of life'. [6] by artificial means.' [6] cancelled.'
(6 mark question detail) Do
you agree? Give reasons
for your answer showing
that you have thought
about more than one point
of view. Refer to religious
arguments in your answer.…read more


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