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Sonnet 130, William Shakespeare Sonnet 20, William Shakespeare
Early 17th Century ­ patriarchal society, Jacobean period Early 17th Century ­ patriarchal society, Jacobean period
Iambic pentameter, 14 lines long, rhyming couplet at the Iambic pentameter, 14 lines long, rhyming couplet, Volta in
end, Volta in the last two lines last…

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The Mad Mother, William Wordsworth To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell
Late 18 Century ­ Romantic Period 1650s ­ Commonwealth period or Puritan Interregnum
Stanzaic poem, iambic tetrameter Stanzaic = persuasive argument, rhyming couplets
throughout, iambic tetrameter, metaphysical
"wild" "fire was once within my brain" ­ madness
"thirty-thousand" ­…

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Late 19th Century ­ first performed in 1897 Victorian 20th Century (1952) ­ post world war II, Post-modern
Period, patriarchal society period
Play, stage directions, tone of voice, audience Play
"From now on, forget happiness. Now it's just about saving "clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a…

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One of the first female writers, establishing the novel: Backstory formed through first person narrative, begins
paragraphs, chapters, characters evolving, 3rd person and ends in America, paragraphs, sentence structure,
narratives following thoughts and feelings of Elizabeth metaphors, similes, non-chronological
Bennett, letters show thoughts and feelings of Mr.Darcy
"hurts more to…


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