AQA Love through the ages Poetry wider reading

I have included quotes, book titles and author names and detailed analysis as well as splitting the different quotes in the different themes of love

You have the main theme of love, link the given extract to your wider reading through themes of love (eg. Passion) this makes it easier t understand the extracts. I did this and recieved a B in the exam

Make sure to practice within the time limit (2hrs 30min) as time is very tight so you need to get used to it

Good luck

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Poetry wider reading

Unrequited love
Amoretti ­ Edmund Spenser
Amoretti is a sonnet tracing the suitor's courtship and wooing of his beloved
His reactions range from despairing self ­ depreciation to an angry tirade against her
stubbornness for not accepting his advances
Most often the speaker dwells upon her…

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Poetry wider reading

Death of a loved one
Sonnet 18 ­ Shakespeare

Rough winds do shake the darling buds
The use of flowers to signify their relationship builds upon the theme of time for much like
the flowers wither and die a similar fate awaits the friends, so this poem…

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Poetry wider reading

Familial Love
My sweet old etcetera ­ E.E Cummings
Quick summary: About his family's views of him going to war, and of how he feels about them now
that he is at wars
Your smile eyes knees and of your etcetera
The noun "your" enables Cummings to…


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