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Middle Age & Renaissance
By Aliyah…read more

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English, as we know it, descends
from the language spoken by the
north Germanic tribes who settled
in England from the 5th century A.
D. onwards. This known as Old
From 1066 up to around 1669,
English went through a tremendous
transformation, these periods are
known as Middle English and the
Literary Renaissance.
Through this presentation I will
explore in more detail these literary
periods and the codes and
Canterbury Tales conventions of literature during
these periods.…read more

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Middle (Medieval) English
Ideas and themes of Middle
English derived from the and
Celtic literature of the time.
The French influence was
mainly due to the Norman
Conquest in 1066.
French words entered the
English language. Such as
sovereign, parliament, clerk
Male names such
as William, Robert and Richa
rd soon became common.
Peasant spoke English and
Aristocracy spoke French.…read more

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Typical Mid-English
High vowels such as /i/ and /u/
(1300-1500) The idea of 'Courtly
love' was popular.
The concept of courtly love was
greatly present within all arts of the
middle ages .
Though the novel was not in
fashion or really invented yet, ideas
of nobility and social status greatly
Theme of chivalry also popular.
Most literature was in the form of
poetry, narrative, or lyrical.
Iambic pentameter and rhyming
couplets began to be used during
this period.
Diphthongs were also largely used,…read more

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Other Medieval Literary
Most literary figures
during this period, were
Aristocratic or royal,
Normal people, middle
Malory class or peasants didn't
read or write, mostly.
Other writers during this
period included:
Sir Thomas Malory
William Langlands
Roger Caxton
John Gower
Gower…read more

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Chaucer ...
The first great name in English
Introduced iambic pentameter
line, rhyming couplets and other
rhyme used in Italian poetry.
In the Italian language rhyming is
arguably easier than in English,
due to the frequency of terminal
Chaucer wrote in both prose and
lyrical poetic form .
His work incorporated themes of
companionship, courtly love,
adventure and much more.
His greatest work ­ The
Canterbury Tales , Troilus and
Criseyde ­ are all written as
narrative poems.
Chaucer died in 1400…read more

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