AQA Love through the ages Prose wider reading

I have included feminist,psychoanalytical and liberal humanist criticisms, the liberal humanist one is difficult to grasp so much so I only used it once in a mock essay. These criticisms come under A03

I have included quotes, book titles and author names and detailed analysis as well as splitting the different quotes in the different themes of love

You have the main theme of love, link the given extract to your wider reading through themes of love (eg. Passion) this makes it easier t understand the extracts. I did this and recieved a B in the exam

Make sure to practice within the time limit (2hrs 30min) as time is very tight so you need to get used to it

Good luck

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Prose Wider Reading
In order for us to live in a `civilised society' with law and order, man has to repress his true desires
within his unconscious mind
But sometimes the unconscious spills into out conscious mind, sometimes it's creative, sometimes it's
The balance or rather imbalance of power present between the male and female characters
Look for stereo/ un-stereotypical characterization of the female characters
Do the females have major/minor roles?
How do males talk to/about females characters?
Key writers: Tweedy, Wollstonecraft
Liberal Humanism
Rejects religious beliefs and focuses on people and their values, capacities, and worth.
Texts should be studied detached from their context and age; in isolation without any prior
knowledge, prejudice or ideological ideas about the text.
When literature becomes overtly/directly political, it leans towards propaganda and loses its
Transgressive Love
Pamela ­ Richardson
Quick Summary:
The epistolary forms creates a very strong emotional bond between the reader and the
protagonist Pamela, as it were we are not viewing her hardships but we are her confidantes,
reading her letters which provide her with a way of releasing stress and anxiety
15yr old Pamela is subject to unwanted advances from nobleman Mr B after her mother who was his
servant died
He locks her inside one of his estates and attempts to seduce/rape her when she refuses to love him
but eventually she does
Her virtue is reward once he proposes a fair marriage to her
Importantly the book called class, social and gender roles into question by asserting that domestic
order can be determined not only by socio-economic status but also by moral qualities of mind,
prompting a conservative reaction
"But there was nobody to help me"
The pronoun "nobody" shows that love doesn't existent in their relationship, as her husband abuses

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Prose Wider Reading
her instead of helping her.…read more

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Prose Wider Reading
Unrequited Love
The Sorrows of Young Werther ­ Goethe
I love her so completely myself, so intensely, so fully, grasp nothing, know nothing, have
nothing but her!
The punctuation conveys Werther's excitement as with every comma signifying Werther's
heart rate increasing, coming to a crescendo as he realises how much he is willing to
sacrifice for Lotte, which deepens the pain he feels as she doesn't feel the same way
Romantic Love
The Courtship of Mr Lyon ­ Carter
Quick Summary:
Based…read more

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Prose Wider Reading
A heart even more your own than when you first broke it
CW's dialogue is made very emotive through the use of the noun "heart" showing that he
has given Anne his mind body and soul, everything he is despite her breaking his heart
The mention of Anne breaking CW's heart shows that he is unable to forget what she has
done.…read more

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Prose Wider Reading
Freedom through love
1984 ­ Orwell
Winston feels frustrated by the oppression and rigid control of the Party, which prohibits free
thought, sex, and any expression of individuality.
As Winston's affair with the young Julia progresses, his hatred for the Party grows more and more
W & J are caught reading a manifesto against the party, they are sent to the Ministry of Love
In room 101 W is confronted by his worst fear, rats.…read more

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Prose Wider Reading
(Celebration of love, the pursuit of love, family, friendship)
After marriage calmly let passion subside into friendship
The use of verb "let" suggests that the differing social ideas between man and wife can
prevent their relationship from transcending onto the greatest level which is friendship,
where a mutual respect can exist within the marriage
The word "subside" portrays marriage as a raging sea wherein the man/ woman must captain
the ship that is their relationship equally, with the ultimate aim being the…read more


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