Love Through The Ages English Literature A2 AQA A

This is my revision on English Literature Love Through The Ages. I have recalled as many quotes as I could and I have listed down all the possible themes.  It was rather a personal revision, but I have used 190 quotes which some of you may probably find useful.

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English Literature A2 level Love through the Ages Revision.
- Romantic Triangles
- Heroines in physical danger
- Aristocratic villains
-Misdirected letters
- Constant love
-Unrequited love
-Timeless love
-Courtly Love
- Love subject to change
- Sexual discretion/ or lack of it
- Love and wealth
- Taboos
- Marriage
- Betrayal
- Jealousy
- Insatiable love
- Obsessive love
- Eternal love
- Adulterous love
-Agape love ( spiritual )
-Philos Love ( based on friendship)
- Eros love ( erotic feelings )
- Double standards
- Love as a secret burden
- Importance of Church on love
- Idea of fate and destiny
- Star Crossed Lovers
- Tragedy coming from rivalry in love
- Tragedy coming from love being restricted by circumstance / society / morality.
-Love vs society. Morality on love/relationship
2. Novels/ Plays/ Poetry I have done as part of my A2 course:
A. `Tis Pity She's a Whore ­ John Ford ­ Caroline Age play BUT still counted as Jacobean.
A. Jane Eyre ­ Charlotte Bronte- Victorian novel
B. Tess of the D'Urbervilles ­ Thomas Hardy ­ Late Victorian novel
C. Atonement ­ Ian McEwan ­ Modern Era novel
A. Chaucer ­ Wyfe of Bath ­ female persona created by male- enjoys sex
B. Shakespeare ­ Sonnet 130 ­ satire of the Petrarchan poetry

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C. John Done ­ The Flea, The Eulegy XIX, The Sun Rising, The Valediction: A Forbidden
Mourning ­ metaphysical poetry
D. William Wordsworth ­ She was a Phantom of Delight ­ Romantic poetry
E. William Blake- The Sick Rose, The Garden of Love ­ Romantic poetry
F. John Keats ­ Bright Star ­ Romantic poetry
G. Carol Ann Duffy ­ Wife's World collection of poems ­ modern poetry.…read more

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29. `' oblivious daydreaming'' ­ Briony - Atonement
30. `' Love that was not built on a good sense was doomed" ­ Briony's perception of
31. " Marriage, a fond possibility of a lifelong union" ­ Briony on marriage
32. " masculine authority" ­ Robbie
33. " She was plain. She was beautiful" ­ Robbie on Cecilia after the fountain scene
34.…read more

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Gentle reader. May you never appeal to Heaved so hopeless and so agonising as
have this hour left my lips"
63. " forbidden food"
64. " You are formed for labour, not love"
65. " clothed hyena"
66. " I was tossed on quiet but buoyant sea"
67. " The Impossible was slowly becoming Possible"
68. " Jane! Jane! Jane!"
69. "assumed ascendency"
70. " irregularities of my lineaments"
71. " for as I cannot blight you, you may refresh me"
72.…read more

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I can't bear anyone to have him but me"
100. " How lovable was her face to him"
101. " indescribable sadness"- Angel sleepwalking
102. " Tess and Claire unconsciously studied each other"
103. " irresistible law" ­ love
104. " I am a bad fellow- a damn bad fellow. I was born bad, I have lived bad, and I shall
die bad in all probability"
105. " was she not truly Mrs Alexander D'Urberville?"
106.…read more

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man of possession of a good
fortune must be in want of a wife"
125. " You have bewitched me, my soul and body"
126. " I cannot fix a foot on it (...) I was in the middle before I realised it have begun".
127. " He is a gentleman, and I am a gentleman's daughter"
128. " We are fools in love"
129. " dangers of paying Elizabeth too much attention"
130.…read more

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Off with that wiry coronet"
154. " Off with that girdle"
155. " Oh my America/ my Newfoundland"
156. " flesh upright"
157. " Busy old fool" ­ The Sun Rising- John Donne
158. " this bed thy centre, those walls thy sphere" ­ metaphysical conceit
159. " rags of time"
160. " love, all alike no seasons knows nor clime"
161. " Dull sublunary lovers' love" ­ Valediction: A forbidden Mourning- J.D
162. " `Twere profanation of our joys"
163.…read more

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Helen of Troy" ­ Mrs Faust
185. " pearly nails" ­ Pilate's wife- C.A.D.
186. `' I miss him most, even now, his hands, his warm hands on my skin, his touch" ­
Mrs Midas
187. " I lie alone in the dark" ­ Mrs Sisiphus
188. " Here's why. Poetry." ­ Little Red Cap
189. " my stockings ripped to shreds" ­ Little Red Cap
190.…read more


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