Love Through The Ages - Wider Reading

I made this, along with a couple of my friends, to supplement my revision and improve my analysis skills as well as build on my wider reading bank. 

It has 25 texts with a mixute of drama, prose and poetry

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Mark Connor

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1. P. 2 - Drama:
1. P. 3 - Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, 1597
2. P. 4 - Othello ­ William Shakespeare, 1601
3. P. 6 - Ghosts ­ Henrik Ibsen, 1882
4. P. 7 - Uncle Vanya ­ Anton Chekov, 1898
5. P. 9 - A View from the Bridge ­ Arthur Miller, 1955
6. P. 10 - A Streetcar Named Desire ­ Tennessee Williams, 1957
7. P. 12 - A Taste of Honey ­ Shelagh Delaney, 1959
8. P.…read more

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Romeo and Juliet (Drama)
Author: William Shakespeare Date of Publication: 1597 (Elizabethan)
Short summary:
Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are `star-cross'd' lovers destined to die as predicted first by the
Chorus in the prologue. When Romeo meets Juliet they are both immediately smitten. They come
from different feuding families and their relationship would never be accepted ­ The Capulets want
Juliet to marry Paris, a relative of the Prince in order to raise their social standing.…read more

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Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for his murdering of Mercutio, his best friend.
This is odd to the audience, as Romeo is presented as a lover, not a fighter, and so shows him to be
deeply passionate and rash ­ probably due to his immaturity. Another theme is destiny and this is
repeated endlessly in the play: it shows how love can be ruined, yet tied to a destiny which is out of
the characters' control and is `star-cross'd'.…read more

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Turks, Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Michael Cassio (a handsome high ranking man in Othello's
army) leave to defend it.
Iago, jealous of Othello and Cassio, leads Othello to believe Desdemona is being unfaithful to him
with Cassio. Othello tormented, struggles to come to terms with this (untrue) idea, and suffocates
Desdemona, killing her. Arrested for murder, they then realise the truth about Iago, and after Othello
dies, Iago is arrested.
Themes and analysis:
Jealousy is one of the main themes in Othello.…read more

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Ghosts (Drama)
Author: Henrik Ibsen Date of Publication: 1882 (Victorian)
Short summary:
Helen Alving is about to dedicate an orphanage she has built in the memory of her dead husband,
Captain Alving. She reveals to her spiritual advisor, Pastor Manders, that she has hidden the evils of
her marriage, and has built the orphanage to deplete her husband's wealth so that their son, Oswald,
might not inherit anything from him.…read more

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The play links to many of Ibsen's other plays such as A Doll's House where a person's duty to their
family is also heavily discussed ­ Torvald argues that it is Nora's duty to remain in an unhappy
marriage to him. Comparisons can be made to McEwan's On Chesil Beach where Florence feels it is
her duty to suffer for Edward and have sex with him because `he was her husband and she was his
wife'.…read more

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Vanya to keep the estate going, meanwhile suffers from the awareness of her own lack
of beauty and from her unrequited feelings for Dr. Astrov. Matters are brought to a crisis when the
Professor announces his intention to sell the estate, Vanya and Sonya's home and reason for
existence, with a view to investing the proceeds to achieve a higher income for himself and his wife.
Themes and Analysis:
The play takes place over 4 acts.…read more

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A View from the Bridge (Drama)
Author: Arthur Miller Date of Publication: 1955 (Modernism)
Short summary:
The narrator, Alfieri, is a lawyer in his fifties. The play revolves around Eddie Carbone, a forty year
old longshoreman working on the docks near Brooklyn Bridge. Eddie and his wife, Beatrice live with
Catherine, Beatrice's niece, of whom he is very protective. Alfieri interrupts the dialogue to
announce how Eddie was a good man in a life that was hard.…read more



This is the most amazing thing in the world -  im crying! Thank you so much



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