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Background information
· Causes Listeriosis
· Occurs primarily in newborn babies, the
elderly, pregnant women and people with
· If infection spreads to nervous system it can
cause meningitis
· It kills at least 1 in 5 people it infects
· Can occur up to 2 months after eating
contaminated food…read more

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· Fever
· Muscle aches
· Diarrhoea
· Headache
· Stiff neck
· Mild flu like illness (only in pregnant women)
· Infections during pregnancy can lead to
miscarriage, still birth, premature delivery or
life threatening infection in newborns…read more

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· Mainly due to ingestion of contaminated food
products such as:
­ Raw meat
­ Dairy products ­ soft cheeses, unpasteurised milk
­ Fruits and vegetables
­ Seafood
­ Unpasteurised pat…read more

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· Through safe food handling and ensure that
food it stored and cooked correctly
· High risk groups should avoid foods such as
soft cheeses…read more

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· Bacteria in the blood ­ treated for two
· Meningitis ­ treated for three weeks
· Ampicillin generally the antibiotic of choice…read more


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