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Design in context
1. The effects of technological changes on society
What are 6 impacts mass production has had on the consumer society?
Industrialisation and specialisation led to changes in production, the workforce, transportation and
Population explosions occurred in towns and cities where production was centred and a new…

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The use of computers in pre-press means that information can be stored and transferred digitally so designs
can be quickly developed in consultation with the client.
Once designs are finalised, printing plates can quickly be produced using computer-to-plate technology. This
cuts out the long process of producing printing plates and…

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Immediate visual identification of temperature
Safety feature
Aesthetic novelty appeal

What are 2 disadvantages of thermochromic pigments?
Limited colour range
Not possible to engineer accurate temperature settings to colour changes

What is smart fluid?
Used in cars suspension system to dampen the ride depending upon road conditions e.g. second generation…

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Simplicity- interiors were visually simplistic by removing clutter and including suitable proportioned
furniture, which provided and practical and clean living environment. Furniture was humbly constructed with
minimal ornate decoration
Splendour- the arts and crafts approach to design led to designers often experimenting with different
materials and new techniques in artistic…

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Modernist architects and designers rejected the old style of designing based upon natural form and
They believed in the machine aesthetic which celebrated new technology, mechanised industry and modern
materials that symbolised the new 21st century.
Modernist designers typically rejected decorative motifs in design and the embellished surfaces with…

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Who was Eileen Gray?
Born in Ireland to a wealthy family of artists and began her university career at the Slade School of Fine Arts in
London as a painter.
In 1912 she held her first exhibition, showing some decorative panels at the Salon des Artists Decorateurs in

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Its philosophy of an ideal perfection, harmony of form and function and dismissal of decoration was at odds
with contemporary designers who wanted individualism and personality back into design
`Less is a bore!' expressive and individual as opposed to modernist functionalism

What is the style of the post-modernism movement?

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What does the designer do to make sure the product fits most of the population?
The designer ignores the smallest (5 per cent) and tallest (5 per cent) users and designs the product to fit the
remaining 90%, therefore including most of the population but not the extremes.

What are…


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