AQA, A2 Food Technology, LAWS

All of the Laws which you have to know for the AQA A2 food technology course

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Food Safety Act 1990

There is an obligation to food handelers to treat food appropriatly for human consumption.

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Food Hygiene Regulations 2006

This act applies controls throughout food chains to ensure hgiene standards are met.

This may include 'HACCP' and 'Safer food better business'

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Food Labelling Regulations 1996

This act states that all packaging must include:

  • Name of product
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions for use
  • Storage instructions
  • Weight of product
  • Manufacturer
  • Use by date
  • Country of origin
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Weight and Measures Act 1985

Ensures the sonsumer recieves no lesser quantity than intended.

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