Food legislation

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  • Food legislation
    • Weight and measures act 1985
      • The weight must be what it says it is on the packaging.
      • links to anyone that sells food by weight, number or any other measurement
      • It is an offence to sell a product which is a different weight to what is says it is
    • Food hygiene regulation 2006
      • Relates to anyone that prepares, handles or sells food
      • the company has to be registered with the food legislation company
      • makes sure that food is safe to eat
        • Staff are trained and supervised
        • Premises are kept clean and tidy
        • HACCP's are used correctly
        • Food is handled hygienically
        • Documents are kept
    • Food safety act
      • Preventing illness from the consumption of food
      • Preventing people from being mislead
      • Stops the addition of any substance in food that are a hazard to human health
    • Food labeling legislation
      • How does it protect the consumer?
        • religious values
        • Fraud prevention
        • Health (allergenic information)
      • what has to be on it?
        • Description & name
        • Storage info
        • Sell by/ use by
        • preparation info
        • Ingredients list
        • Name & address of manufacture
        • Trace-ability code


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