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Industrial and commercial practise
1. Information and communication technology
What is e-mail?
Email is the simplest form of electronic communication.

What are the 4 advantages of e-mail?
Quick, easy and convenient means of communicating around the world.
Widespread usage (anyone with a computer connected to the internet).
E-mail exchange can…

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It enables users to have additional phone lines installed so that the internet could be used at the same time as
the telephone without callers receiving a busy signal.

What are the 5 different types of broadband access, give an advantage and disadvantage for each?
Asymmetric digital subscriber line- a…

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3D computer models can be used alongside prototype models to aid visualisation but have the advantage of
being easily changed.
A function called bi-directional parametric association aids modification by causing the slightest change to a
design feature to automatically change any other design feature linked with it.
They can be…

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Availability of products information to inform purchasing decisions.
Online discounts and savings through price comparison websites.
Convenience of shopping at home.

What are 4 disadvantages of internet marketing?
Security concerns regarding input of personal bank details when purchasing goods.
Personal information can be shared with other companies without the customers…

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What are 3 disadvantages of GCI?
Expensive hardware and special programs are required to obtain and process the data
Highly skilled technical animators required
The technology becomes obsolete rapidly as better software and techniques are developed.
Movement that does not follow the laws of physics generally cannot be represented.


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Agricultural uses
Medical uses
Pharmaceutical uses
New natural fibres
Replacement for expanded polystyrene

What is Biopol?
A trade name of British chemical company ICI for the first fully biodegradable polymer, polyhydroxybutrate.

How is it produced?
In nature through the fermentation by Alcaligenes eutrophus bacteria of sugars and other carbohydrates that…


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