GCSE Latin: Ovid's Poems

My translation of Ovid Picks a Favourite at the Races with the corresponding latin words written under it in red. Plus my notes on the poem. My translation of Alcyone and her husband ceyx with the latin under it.

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Verse Literature

Ovid picks a favourite at the races

I am not sitting here because I am keen on thoroughbred horses however I pray that
Ego non sedeo studiosus nobelium equorum tamen precor ut
the one whom you yourself favour may win. I came so that I could speak with…

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The words "sacro de carcere" meaning sacred starting gate are an example of a
transferred epithet. Ovid does not mean that the starting gate is sacred he means the holy
festival of the chariot race is sacred. This specifically may refer to the God Consus who has
an alter under…

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Tamen facit te certam sui consilii, findissima Alcyone. Protinus cui
innermost bones received a chill and paleness most similar to boxwood covered her
intima ossa frigus pallor simillimus buxo obit
face and her cheeks were wet with tears pouring down. Three times she tried to
ora ­que genae maduere lacrimis…


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