GCSE Latin: Ovid's Poems

My translation of Ovid Picks a Favourite at the Races with the corresponding latin words written under it in red. Plus my notes on the poem. My translation of Alcyone and her husband ceyx with the latin under it.

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Verse Literature
Ovid picks a favourite at the races
I am not sitting here because I am keen on thoroughbred horses however I pray that
Ego non sedeo studiosus nobelium equorum tamen precor ut
the one whom you yourself favour may win. I came so that I could speak with
ille cui ipse faves vincat veni ut loquerer cum
you and so that I could sit with you and so that the love which you make should not
te ­que sederem cum te amor quem facis ne
be unknown to you. You watch the races and I watch you. May each of us look at
esset nonnutus tibi. Tu spectas cursus ego (spectas) te. Uterque spectemus
what pleases us and may each of us feast our own eyes.
Quod uivat suos atque uterque fascat suos oculus.
Oh the lucky horse driver, whoever he is who you favour! Therefore has it happened
O felix equorumagitator cuicumque faves! Ergo contigit
to him to be a concern to you? Let this happen to me: I would press on with a brave
esse curae tuae? Hoc contingat mihi insistam forte
mind, being carried on long by the horses released by the sacred starting gate, and
mente, vehendus equis missus sacro de carcere, et
sometimes I would slacken the reigns, and sometimes I would mark their backs with
modo dabo lora modo notabo terga
a whip. And now I would graze the turning post with the inside wheel.
verbere. Nunc stringam metas interior rota.
But if you had noticed me while I was racing, I would slow down and the reigns
Si fueris conspecta currenti, morabor que lora
would slacken and drop from my hands.
Remissa fluent de meis manibus.
These are the opening lines of a much longer poem.
"sedo studiosus" is an example alliteration
In this poem Ovid is sitting next to the girl, he is talking about an imaginary charioteer. Ovid
and the girl are watching the preliminaries before the races. Lines 914 are Ovid's imaginary
The theatre was presumably a good place to chat up girls. This sentences has an
interesting word order and emphasizes the fact that Ovid has come to the races for her "ut
loquerer tecum veni tecumque sederum" "I come so I could sit with you and so that I could
speak with you." In the Latin "I came" is in the middle, surrounded by "with you" and then
to sit and speak. This is an example of a chiastic word order. It shows Ovid is a clever
poet and writing in an interesting style.

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Tamen facit te certam sui consilii, findissima Alcyone. Protinus cui
innermost bones received a chill and paleness most similar to boxwood covered her
intima ossa frigus pallor simillimus buxo obit
face and her cheeks were wet with tears pouring down. Three times she tried to
ora ­que genae maduere lacrimis profusis. Ter conata
speak three times she wet her face with tears. And interrupting her loving complaints
loqui, ter rigavit ora fletibus.…read more


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