GCSE Latin Verse Literature: Catullus' Poems

Poems - How many Kisses?

- Can she be Faithful?

- Conflicting emotions

The english translations typed up with the corresponding latin words typed up under neith in red. Followed by my notes of the style/language/structure of the Poem.

Good luck in the exam, the rest of the poems to come hopefully


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Verse Literature

How many kisses?

You ask how many of your kisses are enough and more than enough for me Lesbia
Quaeris quot tuae basiationes sint satis ­que super mihi, Lesbia
As large as the number as the grains of Libyan sands as lies in Silphium producing
Quam Magnus numerus…

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o Catullus makes up new words to add humour and to make Lesbia laugh. For
example Basiationes and Lasarpiciferis

o Catullus is trying to flatter Lesbia by acknowledging she is intelligent enough to
understand the overly complex references.

o All roman poets modelled themselves on Greek poets. Catullus' model was…

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You promise me, my life, that this love of ours will be pleasant and ever lasting
Proponis mihi, mea vita, hunc amorem nostrum iucundem ­que perpetuum
between us. Great Gods! Grant that she can promise truthfully and that she can say
iter nos. Magni Di! Facite ut posit promittere vere…

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Perhaps you ask why I do this
Fortasse requires quare faciam id
I don't know but I feel that is happeing to me
Nescio sed sentio fieri
And I am being tortured.

Odi, amo and excrucior are strong emotional words

Requires meaning you ask, indicates that the poet is…


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