king lear: act 1 scene 5

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King Lear: Act 1 Scene 5 notes
Key: Plot form language structure character
Lines 1-20: Lear sends Kent to Regan with a letter, which will announce his
arrival. The fool tells Lear that Regan will be just like Goneril
Lines 21-49: The fool tries to keep Lear's spirits up by making light
hearted observations which actually have a serious meaning. Lear finds it
hard to concentrate on what the fool is saying.
Lines 18-20: the fool tells Lear Regan will be the same as Goneril by
comparing them to crab apples; this is a metaphor for someone horrible.
Lear is distracted by what he has done wrong, (line 24: "I did her wrong")
he is starting to question himself about what he did to Cordeila, uses a
regretful tone.
Lines 43-44: begins to think he going mad, this makes the audience feel
sympathetic towards Lear as he is now regretting what he has done.


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