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King lear revision
Act 3 scene 6
Gloucester and Kent arrive. The fool is concerned with the real and false madness
he sees around him. Lear stages a mock trial for his daughters with Edgar and the
fool as judges. Lear addresses a stool as being Goneril and then Regan. Edgar and
the fool play along with Lear's madness whereas Kent insists that Lear should rest.
Gloucester returns with the news that Lear's life is in danger and that they should
go to Dover.
Madness- Lear's madness is great now as he believes he is able to accuse
Goneril and Regan officially in a court.
Family relationships- Lear is angry with his daughters at what they had
done to him and this is expressed in his madness.
Lear- angry as his daughters and at height of madness
Edgar- wants Lear to escape as he feels similar to Lear's situation as his
father treated him the same way as Lear's daughter's treated Lear.
Language features
"thousand with red burning spits come hizzing upon `em" Lear thinks that his
daughters will be punished by suffering in hell. The language here creates
imagery of hell, evil and pain. It could also reflect his anger towards them.
Lines 54-55: "corruption in the place!" Lear says the judge let the prisoners
escape which could reflect how he fears Goneril and Regan will escape


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