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King Lear
King Lear: act 3 scene 2
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-42: Kent meets one of Lear's gentlemen on the heath and Kent is told
that Lear is wondering the health in the storm. The king's state of mind is as
wild as the weather. The rumour of conflict between |Albany and Cornwall
continues. Kent tells the gentleman that the French army has landed, with
Lines 43-55: Kent asks the gentleman to trust him and to go to Dover to
report to Cordelia what has happened to Lear. Kent gives him a ring to show
Cordeila whom the message is from.
Pathetic fallacy (stager directions at beginning of the scene) storm
represents argument between Lear and his daughters.
Lear is growing ever more mad, he has run out into a storm and he is
beginning to have suicidal thoughts (lines 5-7: Lear is wanting the waters to
swallow up the land and end the world)
Lines 53-55: Kent is giving the gentleman orders to go to Dover. Kent is
controlling the conversation and is the dominant speaker in this scene this
suggests although he is in disguise as a servant, he still feels noble and
therefore he may have forgotten about his disguise which shows he feels he
is still in a position of power. Uses imperative verbs such as "that" which
meant "go do that" in Shakespearian times.


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