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King lear
King Lear: Act 3 Scene 6
Key: plot form language structure character
Lines 1-114: Gloucester and Kent arrive, Gloucester leaves to make the place
more comfortable. The fool is concerned with the real and false madness he
sees around him. Lear stages a mock trial of his daughters, with Edgar and
the fool as judges; he tries Goneril first and addresses a stool where she
was supposed to be. He then tries Regan. Edgar and the fool humour Lear's
madness and Kent insists that Lear should rest. Gloucester returns with
news that Lear's life is in danger and suggests Kent should take him to
Dover. Edgar is left alone and compares his situation to Lear's; he says his
father has treated him the same as Lear was treated with his daughters.
Gloucester is the dominant speaker, lots of imperative verbs and short
sentences to show his authority. (lines 84-85)
Edgar hopes that Lear escapes as he feels similar to Lear's situation, he is
supportive of Lear now, and his character has softened since being on the
run for his life.


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