King Lear: Act 1 scene 5 revision notes

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King lear revision
Act 1 scene 5
Kent is sent with a letter to Regan by Lear. The fool tries to cheer Lear up by
making the situation sound more light hearted. Lear can't concentrate on what the
fool is saying and believes he is going mad.
Family relationships: Lear is becoming dependant on his daughters
Suffering: Lear begins to suffer from his daughters growing control over
Lear: starts to think he is going mad so he may start to realise his mistakes.
The fool: loyal to Lear, tries to make him feel happy
Language features
Lear and the fool have similar number of turns and are also of a similar
length which suggests that Lear's status of a king is being reduced. Although
it could be a reflection of the fools close relationship with Lear.
Lines 18-20: the fool uses a metaphor of crab apples to show Lear how
Regan will be the same as Goneril. Crab apples are a metaphor for
something horrible.


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