King Lear: Act 1 scene 3 revision notes

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King lear revision
Act 1 scene 3 revision notes
Goneril is preparing for Lear to visit her for 1 month and is not happy with her
father's attitude. She tells her servant, Oswald to make sure Lear and his
followers are neglected. She writes to Regan to ask her help with Lear.
Family relationships- Goneril is unhappy with her father's behaviour
Conflict- Goneril is going to neglect Lear and she is angry with him
Madness- Lear s described in several ways by Goneril that suggest his mind
is not fit to rule anymore.
Goneril- manipulative and cunning as she is plotting to make Lear complain
then use this to her advantage.
Language features
Goneril is the dominant speaker as she is the speaker with the longest and
most turns meaning she also sets the agenda. She uses imperatives to show
command and power which reflects her status such as "prepare for dinner"
"Idle old man"- insult to Lear, which suggests Goneril doesn't think he is
willing to work to be king.
"old fools are babes again" metaphor for suggesting Lear is acting in a
childish way.


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