Key definitions for OCR Home economics module 1&2

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Society and HealthUnit 1
Population: The number of people inhabiting in a specified area/space as measured by
some kind of census
Demography: The study of population with particular reference to their size and structure
and how and why they change
Demographers: People who study birth, death and marriage rates, patterns of migration
and other factors which affect population growth
Birth rate/Death rate: Number of births/deaths per 1000 per year
Mortality: Ratio of deaths per thousand per year
Infant mortality: Number of infant deaths under the age of 1 per 1000 per year
Immigrants: People who leave a country reasons includeemployment opportunities
elsewhere, natural disaster
Working age population: Number of people over 65 will increase many 2nd world war
survivors and people born in the baby boom will age. Working people will fall because
more people move into retirement and there are fewer people un society today, they
were born in the 70's and there are fewer of them
Burden of dependency: Working population has to pay more tax and national insurance
to support those unable to work,this helps provide them with the services they need
Dependency ratio: The number of people under the age of 16 and those over 65 who
rely on the economically active
Census: A survey done every 10 years to gather information on population to help with
social planning
Replacement level: The number of births per woman required to replace the existing
Ageism: Stereotyping against individuals because of their age

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Family: A social unit connected by blood, marriage or adoption
Household: An area where a group of people live not necessarily relatede.g married
couple,elderly person living alone,student,still share same address
Extended family: When a Mother,Father and Children live together but are also in
regular contact with Aunt's Uncles and grandparents. These other relatives may even be
living with the family
Nuclear: Consists of parents and children,don't have regular contact with other relatives
Reconstituted: A family which includes step brothers,mothers...…read more

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Poverty: State of being poor and lacking the means to provide material needs or
comforts. It is a situation where resources are insufficient to meet individual's needs
Absolute poverty: A state below which it is not possible to live a healthy life, being
unable to afford sufficient food,clothing,warmth and shelter.…read more

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New deals: A wide number of schemes for different groups of people who are
unemployed and claiming benefits. They offer intensive support to find work,give
subsidised employment opportunities and specialist training
Job seekers allowance: Available to those below the retirement age for those who are
out of work or working less than 16 hours/week on average. To qualify claimants must
be available to work and able to work and actively seeking work.…read more

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New build home buyAllows families or individuals to buy a share of a property, usually
50%,rent is paid on the rest
Key workerSomeone who works in the public sector in an area where there is a big
demand for housing
Social home buy schemeAllows social home buying tenants to buy a share in their
current home at a discount or to buy outright (no restrictions)
Open market homebuyGovernment supported scheme which aims to help certain
groups of people who cannot afford to buy a home…read more

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Acid rain: Rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas
emissions e.g sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with water
Ozone layer: A layer in the stratosphere that contains a concentration of Ozone
sufficient which forms a protective shield against most UV radiation from the sun
Deforestation: Cutting down trees or forests to clear an area
Waste hierarchy: Specifies the order of preference for dealing with our wastes,with
those towards the top of the list more desirable than those towards the bottom.…read more

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All meals are provided
and there are activities and outings.
Welfare to work a range of strategies to help the unemployed into work and off
GP stands for general practitioner,a family docter.
Social services a wide range of support and care services which look after our health
and welfare. They are also referred to as social care services.
Multidisciplinary where care is provided by a range of different agencies and
professional carers.
Home helps people who help with domestic tasks including cleaning and cooking.…read more

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Hysterectomy Surgical removal of part or the entire womb
Hormome Substance produced by one tissue and conveyed by the bloodstream to
another to affect physiological activity such as growth or metabolism
Malabsorption The defective or inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestinal
Angina Chest pain
Myocardial infarction Heart attack
High density lipoproteinsCarry fatty acids and cholesterol to the liver to be broken
down, sometimes known as producing HDL bound cholesterol or good cholesterol as
they remove cholesterol from the bloodstream
Trans fatty acidsUsually produced…read more

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Amenities Things that contribute to physical or material comfort
ChoresDaily routine or domestic chores
Expenditure Money paid out
Welfare benefits Financial support from the government if you are unemployed and
looking for work.…read more


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