OCR AS Ethics Quick Summary

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→ Absolutism/Relativism - the different types of each

→ Deontological/Teleological - definition and examples

Utilitarianism -

Relative/Teleological, Utility Principle (Greatest good for the greatest number)

Act - Bentham - Pleasure, Hedonist, Hedonic Calculus (DR PRICE = Duration, Richness, Purity, Remoteness, Intensity, Certainty and Extent)

Rule - *Mill - *Weak and Strong, Happiness, Eudamonistic (well being, flourishing), system of higher and lower pleasures (higher = mind, lower = body)

Preference - Singer - Looks at best interested, considered animals and humans equal

Kantian Ethics - 

Absolute/Deontological, used reason, duty, not motivated by compassion

Which laws does our reason tell us to…


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