Islamic Studies: Matters of Life and Death Unit 4 Edexcel

Matters of life and death revision notes islamic studies unit 4 edexcel

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Matters of life and death
How life after death affects Muslims lives:
Muslims believe they will be judged on the day of judgement after they die so they follow
the Quran and hadith and perform good deeds.
They believe this life is a test and how they live their life on Earth will affect whether they
go to paradise or hell.
Believing in life after death gives comfort to those who have lost a loved one.
Why Muslims believe in life after death:
Some Muslims believe the paranormal gives evidence for life after death.
It was stated in the Quran.
It was taught by the Prophet Muhammed.
`Your good deeds will only benefit you' (Surah 4) ­ implying that if you perform good
deeds you will be rewarded in the afterlife.
`Do you think we made you for nothing and you will not be returned to us?' (Surah 23) ­
made humans for a purpose and when they return in the afterlife.
Life after death gives meaning and purpose to life.
`And fear the day when ye shall be bought back to God. Then every soul be paid what it
earned, and none should be dealt with unjustly.' (Surah 2)
Nonreligious belief in life after death:
Paranormal activities
Near death experiences
Seeing ghosts
Reincarnation (Hinduism but some nonreligious people believe in it)
Nonbelief in life after death:
When we die our body decays so how can we come back alive?
Ideas of heaven and hell are there to soften the fear of death and make us behave on
No evidence no one from the dead has come back and told us there is life after death.
We live in a world which relies on science therefore we should not believe anything
Life after death is impossible you are either dead or alive.
UK legislation on abortion only allowed if:
Mother's life is at risk.
Mental/physical risk on mother.
Baby is born severely handicapped.

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Serious effect on other children.
But, cannot be allowed after 24 weeks.
Why abortion is controversial:
Different opinions on when life begins.
Different opinions on whether it is right to kill.
Abortion is acceptable (prochoice):
Women's body so it is her choice to decide.
In cases if the child is severely handicapped or mothers life is at risk.
In cases of rape the child may be unwanted which can cause long term effects on both
mother and child.…read more

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In cases of rape, as Islam is a religion of compassion.
To prevent suffering of the child later.
Assisted suicide: providing seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide.
Voluntary euthanasia: Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death.
Nonvoluntary euthanasia : ending someone's life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you
have a good reason for thinking they would want to do so.…read more

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Corrupt leaders; taking aid from other countries.
How causes of poverty can be removed:
Richer countries reducing debts by charging less interest or cancelling debt completely.
Helping the country provide good education and skills so people can get jobs and become
Give training in health care so that people understand the need for clean water and use
protection against AIDS/HIV.
Help in emergency situations e.g. earthquakes.…read more


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