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Matters of life and death

How life after death affects Muslims lives:
Muslims believe they will be judged on the day of judgement after they die so they follow
the Quran and hadith and perform good deeds.
They believe this life is a test and how they live their life…

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Serious effect on other children.
But, cannot be allowed after 24 weeks.
Why abortion is controversial:
Different opinions on when life begins.
Different opinions on whether it is right to kill.
Abortion is acceptable (prochoice):

Women's body so it is her choice to decide.
In cases if the child is…

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In cases of rape, as Islam is a religion of compassion.
To prevent suffering of the child later.


Assisted suicide: providing seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide.

Voluntary euthanasia: Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death.

Nonvoluntary euthanasia : ending someone's life…

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Corrupt leaders; taking aid from other countries.

How causes of poverty can be removed:
Richer countries reducing debts by charging less interest or cancelling debt completely.
Helping the country provide good education and skills so people can get jobs and become
Give training in health care so that…


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