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Believing in God Unit 3.1:
Main Features of a Catholic Upbringing:
Teach their Children prayers and about the Saints.
Send their Children to a Catholic School where they'll meet other Catholic Children.
Go to Church usually every week to pray and worship God
Have Religious Sacraments worshipping God such as…

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How Causation Argument may lead to belief in God:
Everything has a cause e.g. water temp falls to create solid ice at 0 degrees.
Everything must be caused by something as you cannot cause your own existence
You can't keep going back with causes; Universe must have a first cause.…

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As there's Evil and Suffering either God isn't omnipotent or he doesn't exist.

Catholic Response to Evil and Suffering:
Suffering is result of the misuse of free will
Suffering gives us a chance to be better and more charitable people
Good can sometimes come from suffering. No Good without Bad.…

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UK Law on Abortion:
The mother's life is at risk.
There is a risk of injury to mother's physical or mental health.
There is a risk that another child would put at risk the mental or physical health of
There is a substantial risk that the baby might be…

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They regard any form of euthanasia as murder.
They believe in the sanctity of life so only God has the right to take a life.

"Some Christians" Response to Euthanasia:
Any form of euthanasia is wrong and so is switching off the life support machines and
giving doses of painkillers.…

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Marriage and Family Life Unit 3.3:
How and why attitudes to Cohabitation and Marriage have changed:
Most people have sex before marriage.
Socially acceptable for people to cohabit before marriage.
Average marriages increased with amount of marriages in church decreasing.
Increased Availability of effective contraception.
Christianity lost its influence as…

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Teaches that sex was given to humans by God for joy, pleasure and bond of a married couple
and must be used for procreation.
The Bible says that premarital sex and promiscuity is sinful and Christians must follow the
Catechism teaches that premarital sex is wrong and Catholics are…

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Christian children are expected to care for their parents when they're unable to care for
Main purposes of a Catholic marriage are to have children and bring them up in a secure
Catholicloving environment.
Catechism teaches that the family was created by God as the basic unit of society…

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Feel that the major Christian Belief in love and acceptance means that homosexuals must be
Many believe that inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit and if Christians feel the spirit
approves of their homosexuality it cannot be denied.

Natural Methods of Contraception:
Natural Family Planning. Involves planning sex around…

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1975 Sex Discrimination Act Made it illegal to discriminate against women in employment.

1979 Thatcher becomes 1st democratically elected leader of Western Nation
Today men and women are equal in the eyes of the law

Why attitudes to the role of men and women have changed:
During WWI and WWII…




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