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Context Questions ­ Book 10 ­ The Odyssey

(a) What happened on the island of Aeolia before and after this passage?

Odysseus and his men landed on Aeolia and were entertained and questioned for a whole month. When
Odysseus asked to leave, King Aeolus presented Odysseus with a bag of…

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They are just as eager to get home as Odysseus. The wind is `carrying them headlong out to sea, in tears,
away from their native land.' This shows how saddened they are to be bereft of their homeland for so long
and it also emphasises how regretful they are for…

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`I considered lopping his This is bad `I was not to be `I did not mention Scylla,
head off,' says communication as they persuaded.' ­ Odysseus fearing that my men
Odysseus in line 437 argue although it is good refuses to leave might stop rowing.' This
when Eurylochus discipline. His…


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